FIBA Europe 2011 Women's Youth Tournaments

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FIBA Europe 2011 Women's Youth Tournaments

Post  Paulball Nilsen on Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:15 am


U20 DIVISION A Novi Sad, Serbia
U20 DIVISION B Ohrid, F.Y.R. of Macedonia
U18 DIVISION A Oradea, Romania
U18 DIVISION B Miskolc, Hungary
U16 DIVISION A Cagliari, Italy
U16 DIVISION B Arad, Romania

I am so very sad that with a combined 5 weeks at the respective EuroBasket tournaments, I will probably miss out on the youth tournaments this year which is depressing as I did not get to see a Womens one last year either, focusing on the U20 men.

I would love to go to Romania to watch the U16 girls from Naples two years ago although I wonder if many of those class players mentioned would play for the U20 team so maybe Novi Sad is the place to be.

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